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things to do - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
things to do
Stuff I Want/Need To Do When I Get Home

1. Eat at the following restaurants
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Ruby Tuesday's
  • LuiLui's
  • ChumLee's
2. Eat more fresh, unprocessed food (after I get the restaurants out of my system, though that's probably better for me than the crap I used to eat out of boxes)
3. Take inventory of the fabric stash
4. Wash the new linen
5. Make new garb
  • new apron dresses and undergowns for me -- taking care to make both long enough
  • New tunics and pants for Wolfie
  • Accessories! Bling! Wool caps for Wolfie, Dublin caps for me, trim and bling for both of us. Must look the courtly part.
    thank goodness Viking garb is easy, and pants are super quick -- they take longer to cut than to sew.
6. Finish baby sweater All my girlfriends get baby sweaters when they're expecting, so it shouldn't be a surprise to hascouf that I'm making one for his lovely bride and kidlet-to-be... the surprise is what pattern I'm making this time!
7. Finish my sweater! I'm making the pullover; probably gonna get sucked into making the cardi one of these days, when I again have a comfy place to knit.
8. Assemble a nice set of feast gear.
9. Go over all the camping gear and make sure everything is sound and packed properly.
10. Build a camping bed. profesor, might be picking your brain for the plans to the one you made.
11. Build garb chests -- might do away with the clothing rack altogether.
12. Go to the gym. I will pass the PT test by fall.

I'm sure there's more, but I think they want to take this computer. May be out of touch for a couple of days... later, kids.

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