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do the next thing
We went Into Town today. We tried to go to Mind's Eye Yarns so I could get some new roving, but the store was closed! All sad! Turns out that they were at South Station for Knit-Out Boston (and no mention of the closing on the website). So we made our way over there, and I talked to the nice lady, but they weren't allowed to merchant by the rules of the event, so as to have more time to talk with people. She had the loveliest dark red merino roving too, and only $8... so we're going in next Sunday. The store is right by Porter Square T-stop, too, so we'll take the train in rather than driving. I really want to cultivate a good relationship with the owner... just always a good thing to have.

And I *so* want a spinning wheel. I understand that the lady who owns Mind's Eye does layaway... so maybe... $410 is a lot of money for the wheel I want, but maybe, just maybe... Ashford makes a slightly less portable one, but the Joy folds up and weighs only 11 pounds. It's not really period, but I gotta ask myself if I really care? Is it more important to have a period wheel or a portable one? I suppose I could just resign myself to not having a wheel at Pennsic; I could still manage to take a larger wheel to other events. Sigh. I should really worry about getting a job first.

Then we went to State Street and found the Rand McNally store, where Wolfie got a couple of city maps with buildings shown. Then back to the Park Street station, where we caught the T back to North Station, where we had parked. I'd venture to say that we walked around for a good four hours. My legs are very tired. I feel good, though.

It was a good day. I spent it doing things I wanted to do, with my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and I'm happy. It was a good weekend.

i feel: happy happy

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