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yesterday was good

My cousin is getting married in June, and his fiancee didn't want a shower, so the women on my dad's side of the family got together with her and went out for tea. There were seven of us, at The Teapot in Boxboro. I'd never had high tea before, and it was YUMMY. Their Afternoon Tea was delicious, and clotted cream? Give me a spoon and jam. I had Red Raspberry tea, and the owner gave us samples of this tea called Boston, which was a blend of black tea, cranberry, and almond flavors. It had a delicious, mellow flavor -- I almost bought a tin, but it's loose and I don't have a tea pot, never mind an infuser. I think it's on my list, though; darkwolfie likes tea, too, and I think he'd enjoy it as much as I do.

After tea, my mom and sister and I went back to Mom's house. Mom offered us a boiled dinner, and we totally jumped on it. Mom's boiled dinner (smoked shoulder of ham, boiled up with potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions) is not to be refused. Gail had some shopping she wanted to do, so we headed up to Bed Bath & Beyond while Mom picked up more carrots at the grocery store. Clearly, my method of saving money must necessarily involve being sent to foreign countries where there is nothing to buy, because I had entirely too much fun at BB&B. I picked up a Pasta Express (AS SEEN ON TV!) -- mine was just the full size unit; didn't include the personal size or the recipe book, so it was only $10. I also grabbed a new pillow and a pillow protector, among other things. My pillows are gross and lumpy after 18 months without me, so the new one is heaven.

Then we headed over to Circuit City at what was once and will always be in my heart Searstown Mall (they call it Whitney Field, but it's Searstown). Sis was in the market for a new laptop, and wanted to see what they had. Our friend Amit had sent her a link to an Acer machine on Tiger Direct -- in a nutshell, a Windows machine with a DVD burner, 512mb of RAM and an 80 gb HDD for about $700. We found one at CC with all the same specs, but with a gig of RAM and a 100gb HDD for $750 after rebate. I was nearly drooling, the thing was so sweet. They didn't have it in stock at the Leominster store, but it was available at the South Portland store, so she picked it up today when she went home. I told her that if she wanted, Wolfie and I could help her set up a wireless network at her house, now that they have cable internet. Goodness knows I love mine.

S'anyway... I have dishes and stuff to do.
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