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busy few days

So Friday... oy. It started out so well -- I skated the Friday morning artistic session. My refurbished skates are fabulous. The guy at the rink who fixed them up for me was able to save my comptition-class, never-made-better, not-made-anymore bearings, and the wheels seem to be good (though I might be more comfortable with a softer, stickier wheel at the moment). He left the action on the trucks really soft, too, so I can catch a super deep edge, which is great for dance and freestyle, and impossible for school figures. I find I really want to do figures, though -- maybe I'll get another pair of skates later. There's something about controlling the energy that can be generated in one push, having the control to maintain an even edge while moving your free leg or your arms or switching edges or turning. I think there's an extra set of plates in my parents' attic; that'd save me a lot of money if I decide I want a second pair.

Then I went to pick Max up at the vet. He's all wrapped up in bandages and stuff so his boo-boos won't get dirty or scratched or whatever, and he's still wearing the e-collar to keep him from licking himself. The bandage is ripped over the elbow of his leg (cats do too have elbows; shut up), but I think he did that himself with his hind leg. I have to take him back to the vet Monday so they can remove the bandages and check the wounds. I know he'll be glad to get it off, and I hope he'll be able to have the e-collar off soon, too, poor baby. He must be dying to give himself a bath.

Coronation was Saturday, and I boggle at trying to condense it into a concise post. Suffice to say that Bergental puts on a spiffy party, the ceremony was lovely and truly emotional, and I love my friends. The next six months are going to be a blast. Busy, too -- the Kingdom Chatelaine asked me to be her web deputy, and Brigantia asked me if I wanted to learn to do courts. I don't think I'll ever be as good as Adhemar or Ernst, but I can be competent. I was exhausted on the way home, and fell into bed. Between the event and the time change I was so tired I couldn't drive into Boston to get darkwolfie this morning (sorry, baby!).

I skated again today, in Senior Club. Most of the skaters were adults, and while I was better at just regular skating, more advanced stuff like crosses front and back were a little scary, both in the doing and in the way they looked. It's very frustrating -- I used to be able to do this like breathing! I did quit a little early; my legs were wobbly and the blister I got on Friday on the arch of my right foot was hurting. No wonder -- the bandage had peeled off and the blister ripped open. (It sounds worse than it is; I'm used to this. It's all part of the Total Skating Experience!TM) The tops of my ankles were sore, too, and when I took a look at my right ankle this evening, there's a narrow strip rubbed away on the outside of my ankle. Again, it sounds worse than it is. It's not that I don't care, but I can't do anything about it, except bandage it when I skate again. That's why they make those big mucking bandaids.

Even with the pain, with the little wounds, with the shaky legs and frustratingly atrophied skills, I'm having a blast. I can't wait till this is completely natural again.
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