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productivity ahoy! - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
productivity ahoy!
The sewing room, if not completed, is nearly done. I think I need more drawers (my two notions drawers are overfull), but they'll be small. I have an entire tub of yarn I need to go through -- I may donate it to the school one of my skating friends works at. If it's stuff I don't like or will continually pass over, it's going. Then I can use that tub for the several half-finished projects I found while cleaning up. (There are several.)

After that, I just need to find some place to store my fiber. I may go through my downstairs storage box and clear that out a bit, and find some room there, or put it in the big closet in my bedroom. I need to go through the bookcase and make room for my research books, as well. There are some big envelopes and such that are taking up an entire shelf, and I think I can condense them and make some more room.

I have to go do laundry tomorrow. Bleah. I think the people around me would appreciate me having clean socks, though.

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