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things i go through

I've bought a bunch of new music lately, and hadn't synched my iPod in a while. Then I couldn't find my cord, and honey, what did you get all over yours? Ew! (Still can't find mine; there's a bag missing somewhere in the house with the cord in it, and I want it back, because it's a very handy and rather pricey bag.) So I plug it in, and iTunes actually recognized it for once... and backed up over 900 items. Then I ripped two new CDs, and tried to upload them to my iPod, and I could not get it to recognize that there was even an iPod attached. I finally had to force the iPod into disk mode, and then the computer saw it and synched it, but really... I was about to sacrifice a chicken. So annoying.

Bed now. Busy day tomorrow.
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