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a very expensive week - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
a very expensive week
So I mentioned my power woes with my laptop about two weeks ago.  Yesterday, I took it over to have it looked at, and the guy told me that I might as well just buy a new laptop.  The pin in the socket is mucked up, and as it's attached to the logic board, the whole board would need to be replaced, which apparently is $400-500 just for parts, never mind the labor costs.

So now I have a new laptop.  I started with an Acer, but it ran really really hot, the sound sucked ass, and the touchpad wouldn't scroll in Firefox.  I just wasn't comfortable with it, so I took it back to CompUSA.  After a great deal of contemplation and consideration (otherwise known as dithering), I traded up to an HP Pavilion, which I'm very pleased with.  Of course, it's hard not to be pleased with a full gig of RAM, a 100 gig hard drive, and a DVD burner with the cutest little remote that's stored in a slot on the side of the machine, like a PCMCIA card.  (The remote was not a selling point; I didn't even know about it till I found it in the box.)  The sound is aweome, too; it has Altec Lansing speakers.  All my software is at my Mom & Dad's, in my footlocker, so I need to run down there and grab it so I can bring this machine up to speed. 

I have another reason to head down there, too (besides the pleasure of visiting my folks, and the possibility of free food).  I cleaned my skate wheels the other day -- lordy they get filthy in no time! -- and discovered this irregular groove worn along the inside edge of my left inside wheel.  I asked about it on THursday, and one of the guys at the rink pointed out that the mounting bolt that holds my boot onto my skate wasn't cut off flush with the nut, and when I caught a deep inside edge, the sharp end of the bolt gouged my wheel.  Hmmm... wonder if that's why I couldn't do an inner back spin?  Anyway, Dad said he'd take that down for me if I took him my skates, so that needs to happen, too.

Let's see... still don't have a washer, but by golly, I have a sexy computer.  Oy.

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