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really good SEX - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
really good SEX
No, not the messy sweaty kind. The Stash Enhancement eXperience kind.

I went to Mind's Eye Yarnstonight for their weekly Spinning Group. The room was actually split 50/50, spinners and knitters, but it was really fun and educational to be in a room with so many accomplished fiber artists. I'm not a very good knitter, but what I saw these ladies doing tonight could inspire me. Then again, if I bring my naalbinding in some night, I might inspire them, who knows?

I bought two bundles of merino top (I think it's top; the definition I have for roving says that the fibers go every which way, and these certainly do not) for $8 each: a lovely burgundy that I've been sighing over since the Knit-Out, and a pretty green for to make stuff for Wolfie. I was torn between that and the blue... I think I'll buy that next week. I'm going to have to buy a new basket to keep all my treasures in! And I saw just the thing at JoAnn the other day... I guess I'll have to get a job just so I can afford this new obession. Oh, and I picked up a copy of "Spin-Off,"a handspinner's magazine. Woot!

Plus, I got to spin on a wheel tonight -- an Ashford Joy,the one I've been drooling over. It was a double treadle, which I'm not so sure I like, but maybe I'll get to try a single treadle next week. I love the portability, but I'm thinking now that I really like the look of the Traveler. Very classy. I'm not sure I liked spinning on the wheel... it's odd, spinning horizontally when I've spun vertically for so long. I wasn't even sure I was spinning in the same direction, but when I looked at what I spun on the wheel and what I was spinning on my spindle, it was the same direction after all. Lucy, the owner of the shop, said that spinning the other way is for spinning spells. I almost said "You say that like it's a bad thing," but refrained. You never know when you're going to run into a born-again Christian type who's going to try to save you. (Nothing against them; I just don't need the angst or to expend the energy saying "no thank you.")

It took about an hour to get in there (at 5 pm) and 35-40 minutes to get home (at 9:15), so it's not bad for an evening's travels. All in all, I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot.

Then I got home. I hadn't gone riding because I'm training for my black belt test, and I'm deathly afraid of hurting myself (getting thrown) in this last stretch before the test. And when I come into the living room, Wolfie tells me that he got to jump! I'm so proud... and so jealous! Of course, if I'd gone and I hadn't ridden, I would have been even more jealous, so it's just as well I went to spin. I'm still wicked proud of him... my Viking warrior! Oh, he do take my breath away.

i feel: accomplished accomplished

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sushimare From: sushimare Date: October 11th, 2002 08:22 am (UTC) (base camp)
Wow, that sounds like so much fun! I got to spin once at Sturbridge village when I was a kid, and I was fascinated watching you the other night. I think I'd really like to give it a try. If anything, you should come over and spin while I finish crocheting the afghan I've been working on. :)

tashabear From: tashabear Date: October 11th, 2002 09:24 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Well, I'll tell you what. If/when I get a new spindle, I'll try to teach you to spin on this one I've been using. Heck, if I can find the pieces I need to make them, I'll make you one. I just set down the new stuff I've been spinning tonight and I feel SO relaxed.
2 trips or shoot the rapids