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in case anyone missed this... - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
in case anyone missed this...
(darkwolfie already posted it, but reiterating can't hurt... Edited a wee bit.)

To all who went to the Minado to celebrate skorzy getting his PhD in March at the Minado Sushi restaurant and paid via credit card, take a check of your accounts to make sure that there are no strange transactions. I'm not saying that the Minado is the place that his credit card number was ganked, however it is the only place that it was used outside of his control within the last few months, and there were two charges done through the internet that don't fit into any of our purchasing patterns. The card has already been killed off and Visa is going to reimburse us, but still, it's annoying as hell.

Also, kudos to Sovereign's fraud detection service -- they caught this one *quick*.  Those charges were made in the last couple of weeks.

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