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from the "i'm too old for this shit, but i don't actually care" department - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
from the "i'm too old for this shit, but i don't actually care" department
Ow.  I fell five times during my lesson if I fell once.  And seriously, it was me being clumsy-ish, because it was just a stupid right outer back upright spin.  I think that when I practice it again, and I'm not tired, I'll be better able to do what Mary was telling me to do.  It's the last of the four spins that I have to get straight before I can move on to changing positions.  I did it once, nearly perfectly, and couldn't get it right after that, which is very frustrating. 

On the other hand, my left outer forward and inner back uprights look pretty good, so that's a good thing right there.  And I actually over-rotated  my mapes today -- Mary said I went around 1-1/2 times.  I didn't even try... doubles are looking more and more likely.  It's interesting to see how my extra weight affects rotation.  I'm having to work a bit harder to do some things, but boy, anything that involves rotation?  I zoom.  My booty is finally good for something.

I'm a bit sore, though.  I fell on my left hand a couple of times and my right knee several times -- it's feeling pretty bruised.  I took some Vitamin I, but I need to go eat something to make it work properly.  My ankle is a little sore, too, but we must suffer for our art, I suppose.  At the very least, it's using new muscles, and that's just going to hurt for a while... at least till I stop falling.  Actually, I don't so much mind the falling, except for the banging of the knee.  I could live without that.

i feel: sore sore

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