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best.  lesson.  evah.  (well, so far...)

I managed to not fall, that's a plus.

We didn't work on any spins today, just jumps, and that was a good thing, bcause my knee is still tender from falling on it so much last week.  I managed to nail a waltz jump/mapes combination while I was warming up (shocked the hell out of me!), and I did it a couple of times in my lesson, but I need to work on my timing, because I ended up rushing it. Basically, I still need to work on my mapes to really nail it consistently, and I have to work on my step jump (sort of a mini-waltz jump) into a mapes, but my mapes is back!  Yay!

Since that went so well, Mary had me try a toe walley, which is like a mapes, but it takes off on the opposite edge -- right inner back instead of outer back.  I nailed that one the first time.  We were both shocked, to be honest, though pleasantly so.  I was freaking thrilled, actually, and it reminded me how much I actually liked toe walleys when I was skating before.  You don't see them much in ice skating, I don't think; it mostly seems to be the trinity of the toe loop, flip, and lutz.  We also went over the salchow (pronounced sow-cow), which I also used to enjoy, but which makes me nervous because there's no toe-off.  I sorta-kinda managed to get off the floor, but it was ugh-lee.  It'll improve with practice, though.

And then there was the half-flip.  That was funny.  I mean, half-turn jumps are baby stuff, right? You toe off, turn halfway around, land on one of the toe stops, and push forward.  I was in the air when I realized that I couldn't remember which foot to land on... so I sort of landed on both.  Okay... I thought it was funny.

Overall, it was a really good lesson.  We didn't push real hard, and I was both pleased and surprised that I did so well, given that I wasn't able to practice all week because I was sick.  I have a lot of off-floor work to do, though, and I may have to try to get some physical therapy out of the VA -- my ankle was sore after skating today.  That's a to-be-determined sort of thing. 

I got a book from Amazon today: Conditioning for Skating : Off-Ice Techniques for On-Ice Performance. It seems very thorough, and there's a bibliography that cites medical journals in the back, so I'm more likely to trust what it has to say.  I skimmed through it, but I think it's going to be really useful in putting together an off-floor training program.

Mary also lent me some soundtracks so I can try to find some music for testing and possibly a competition routine.  I have a lot of listening to do.
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