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this didn't go quite as i had planned

So I sat down tonight to make an underdress out of some of the wool that I bought at Fabric Fix a little while ago.  I got the whole thing together, and discovered that I'd sewn one of the sleeve assemblies on inside-out.  Sigh.  So I ripped... and ripped... and ripped some more, because this dress covers me neck to ankle and the seam was double that length.  Did I mention I was almost out of thread?  Yes... that too.  So I got the piece turned right way round, and I *might* have 5 yards of thread left on the spool.  Yay!  Done!  I tried it on and...

It's too big.  Not a little bit too big, either.  Too big like eight inches too big.  I vastly over-estimated my girth (yay), and now I have to redo the sleeve assemblies again.  But other than that, it's okay, and I can get the fixes done tomorrow easily (except for the part where I have to rip the sleeves assemblies off again).  Maybe I'll take my laptop upstairs while I do that and watch a movie...
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