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save me! - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
save me!
I joined a Yahoo!Groups list I saw advertised for handspindlers. It turned out to be one of those hyper-chatty, hyper-perky, "you're so great/talented/sweet/nice/isn't my DH/DS/DD so awesome/look at pictures of my grandchildren" anything-but-on-fucking-topic (insert retching sounds here) lists that I dread. I made it for a week. Someone check my blood sugar -- I'm sure it's spiked into the stratosphere.

I've found a new group that seems to be much more on-topic and much less... I dunno... Oprah-eats-Martha-Stewart-y. I mean, I like encouragement and support as much as the next person, but whurf...

On a more positive note, I wound off the first spindle of the burgundy merino. What a fabulous luster. I'm going to have to get a scale, I think. Wolfie doesn't believe the at the four or so ounces of fiber that I bought will be enough to make anything useful out of, but I gotta disagree. I have lots of singles here, and have only scratched the surface of the top that I bought. I started spinning the green, because I wanted to se how it would spin and how the color would change, and it's lovely -- the color deepened nicely and the luster is just as nice as the burgundy.

Now I'm torn. Do I wind off the little bit of green I have spun, and continue on with the burgundy, since I prefer that color of the two and since I want to make something for Jen and Jessie's babies with it, or do I soldier on with the green, since it's started on the spindle, telling myself that I can make baby stuff out of this, too? Sigh. And I still have to learn to knit...

i feel: confused confused

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