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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
So I skated today...

Two of my spins are looking quite nice.  I'm still working on my outer back upright, and well, the inner forward upright is just inelegant.  But my outer forward upright looks really pretty, and my inner back is nice and fast, so that's all good.

My jumps aren't as consistent as I'd like, though darkwolfie says when I land them clean they look real pretty.  Thing is, I get distracted halfway through sometimes, trying to remember all the things I've been told to do to do the jump.  I'm a little annoyed that I'm nervous to really work on my salchow or loop jumps -- I mean, I've done them before, I shouldn't be scared to do jumps without toestops.  But I am, and it's totally silly, but... sigh.

I do need to fix my skates a little.  My toestops are held in by friction, and they're just not as tight as they used to be, so tomorrow, before my lesson, I'm going to head over to Home Depot and get some plumber's tape, see if wrapping that around the threads of the toestops helps hold them in place, because if they twist out from under my foot, that's all bad.  Then again, maybe I'll just get new ones.  My old ones are pretty worn.  The guy who put my skates back together (my coach's son) tried to tell me that he'd never seen Snyder toestops wear through.  I just think he hasn't looked closely enough, because I sure have.

Mary wants me to skate a couple of meets -- one at the end of August, in Wilbraham, and one in October, there at Skateland.  That should be fascinating, in a "oh my God, what have I DONE" sort of way.  Actually, it won't be that bad.  It'll just be weird to compete again.

Tired now -- I did more crosscuts today than I've done in twenty years.  Night night...

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