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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I wish I was independently wealthy. (Doesn't everyone?) I wish I could take classes on the things that interest me -- spinning and weaving and fiber arts. I want to learn to spin flax. I want to learn to spin laceweight, and worsted, and bulky, and make enough of it at a time that I could sell it for a small profit. I want to learn to turn wood, to make spindles and bowls and plates and other nifty things. I want to learn to dye fiber, to see white enter the pot and a riot of color exit. I love the idea of that kitchen chemistry, of mordant and dye reacting together to create a totally unexpected color. I want to know how to handpaint fibers.

I want to do tablet weaving, and do ply-split braiding, and fingerloop braiding, and build another tent. I want to sew and embroider.

I want time enough and space enough and money enough. I'm not sure there's enough of any of those things in the universe.

i feel: melancholy melancholy
i hear: wind and rain in the trees outside

shoot the rapids