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OFWC, update the fourth (and a half) - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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OFWC, update the fourth (and a half)
The guideline is done, though in retrospect I'm not entirely sure it was necessary. I've discovered that I have to cut the entire 16' roll of stabilizer into sections -- it's the only way to get the motifs to follow the curve. Annoying, but worth it for the overall look of the piece. Also, I can number them and only pin down a few at a time, if I so desire. I'm cutting and pinning the first half of the cloak in its entirety, so I have a grasp on the scope of all this, and so I have it all ready for AC. The fun never ends.

(Actually, don't tell darkwolfie this, but I'm having fun with this. I want him to think that it's a huge hardship so he'll feel all grateful (because lord knows he never feels guilty) and give me special good sexin'.)

ETA: I got every thing laid out and pinned, but putting the pieces in the hoop is proving interesting, because I can't pull on the stuff to tighten it -- it tears (go figure). I'll work with it; it doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, it may look better if it's not. Not going to stitch right now, though; it's past time for bed.

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