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Wolfie and I did something yesterday that we've never ever done before, and it's high time we did.

No, not that.

We bought a mattress set.  Today, we go to Ikea and buy the bed (if it's decent quality).  We got the set at Mattress Discounters, in Salem, and it's a soft-top -- the grade between tight-top and pillow-top on the plushiness scale.  It wasn't cheap, but it's guaranteed for ten years, and will hopefully last us twice that.  This whole endeavor is our anniversary present to ourselves, said two-year anniversary being Monday.  The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, and, well, there will be cotton sheets and such, and a cotton mattress cover.  Close enough.

I'm excited.  We've never bought furniture together before (storage shelves and Rubbermaid tubs really don't count).  And we've both hated the waterbed for years, plus Max peed on it and it still smells funny, especially when it's humid, so it's totally time for it to go.  Plus, the bedframe is a mess -- I broke one of the pencil posts on the footboard clean off the other day (it's been hanging on by a thread for years).  So new bed tomorrow, then we'll drain the waterbed on Friday and clean the bedroom and hopefully get the bed assembled and pick up the mattress that evening.  If we don't manage it, we'll grab an air mattress out of the camping gear and sleep on the floor for a night (Or put it on the bed.  That would work, too.)

I bought a lot of fabric yesterday, hoping to have enough to make pants for Wolfie with much of it... and I don't have enough.  I need another half yard or yard of everything -- in one case, I need a yard and a half, and I bought all they had.  It's annoying, and piecing the plaid and the stripe will be oh, so fun... maybe I can piece the top instead of the bottom.  Bleah.  I have enough to make the tunics, though.  I already cut one out, and it takes about 2.5 yards.
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