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ahhhh... that's better. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
ahhhh... that's better.
The DSL is back up.  I have notes from my days in exile.

23 June: Went to IKEA -- three hours, two just to get thru the tunnel. should only take an hour.  Ate at the restaurant; swedish meatballs w/lingonberries is the yum.  Found a couch we love -- will hopefully get next time.  Picked up bed & got two underbed boxes on casters apiece (total 4).  Also got Swedish candy and a jar of lingonberries.  Will be Xmas shopping there; stuff is CHEAP.

24 June: My uncle's memorial service.  Still surreal that he's gone.  Got to see a lot of people at the reception that I haven't seen in years; most of them hadn't met Wolfie.  Such a shame that it takes funerals to get to see all these people.

25 June (putting together the new bed):  Wolfie did the bed; I did the boxes.  Went together fairly smoothly; the instructions are all pictures.  saves on translation, I guess.  Now the rest of the bedroom looks shabby in comparison... heh. 

Draining the waterbed was a bitch.  We were trying to drain water out through a hole the size of a pin until I pointed out the folly of that.  Once we figured out what's what it went WAY faster, and the draining was done in minutes.  The mattress was a disaster, and the so-called box spring was nothing more than a wood frame with cardboard.  No wonder it hurt to bottom out on.  So very, very glad its gone.  We'll sleep on an air mattress tonight and get the new bedding set tomorrow.

26 June: Picked up our new mattress -- couldn't get the full-size boxspring up the stairs, so we took it back and got a low-profile foundation.  Good thing, too; wouldn't have fit in the bed otherwise.  It's very high, and the bed sort of dominates the room, but I love it.  We need art on the wall over the bed when we get the room done.  I'm thinking something Ansel Adams-ish.

Today was our anniversary:  Wolfie gave me 400-count sheets in a lovely bronzey color, plus a card with two bears in bed!  Squee!  I gave us the bed and mattress and gave him a "clipclock" -- a watch in the shape of a wolf's head, that when you pull the wolf's head forward, there's a watch behind it, so no one sees the watch.  I'm glad I married him.  He's just swell.
And now we have DSL, so I'm back in business.  I went through the Pennsic Class Schedule today -- I hope they're going to offer other views, like by subject, and add the class descriptions.  They currently only have the chronological schedule, which is useful, but not as useful as a listing by subject (because then you can see at a glance when classes are scheduled more than once), and certainly not as useful without the descriptions.  Even with that, however,  there is a day when I would ideally be in classes all day.  Must see about the possibility of getting that day off.  There are some embroidery classes and classes on early period hand-sewing that I have wanted to take for years.

Sewing progresses; I'll post a report later.

I think my beloved must have dinner ready by now, wonderful man.

Bandwidth.  SQUEE!

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cellio From: cellio Date: June 28th, 2006 01:26 am (UTC) (base camp)
Happy anniversary!
frostyw From: frostyw Date: June 28th, 2006 03:30 am (UTC) (base camp)
Happy anniversary! :)
2 trips or shoot the rapids