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do the next thing
Before I start this post, I'd like to publicly apologize to my beloved husband.  I've been bitchy and impossible to please today, and I have no good reason.  I'm sorry, honey.

It's project day.  Wolfie is building a box for stuff, to fit in the bed of the truck for SCA gear.  He built one out of 1/2" plywood yesterday; today's box is 3/4" pine.  He says he has a plan, but there are no drawings, and that makes me nervous, because that means the plans are in his head, and I've been in there, it's not a tidy place...

I'm sanding the other one to get it ready for primer and paint (since we chose a deep blue color).  I'm also replacing the screws he used -- he braced the box with metal angles, and the wood screws stick out, so I'm replacing them with sheet metal screws with rounded heads and flat "underbellies".  I had to come in and sit for a minute to rest my back.  Bending over into the box with a drill to replace those screws is very tiring indeed.  I'm hoping to get most of the screws replaced and get a coat of primer on it today, then maybe paint tomorrow.

I skated a bit this morning.  It wasn't pretty.  I'll just leave it at that.

(I need a "building things" icon, I think...)

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