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skating, finally - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
skating, finally
I finally had a lesson today. I haven't skated in three weeks because of SCA events and my uncle's death and all, and I did dance today, which I haven't done in ages.  I did well, it felt better than it had in a while, though boy oh boy, the muscles you use for dance are different from the ones you use for freestyle.  I think Mary has talked me into skating dance at their meet in October, and I may buy a new set of plates so i can do figures.

I may also have to trade in or sell my old plates; I think they're too small for my new boots.  The front axle is a little too far back behind the ball of my foot, and I have noticed that I end up losing my balance over my toe a lot.  This could also be why I'm having such problems with my jumps -- my toestop is too far back and I don't have a properly stable platform to land on.  So Mary has a pair of Atlas plates for sale for $300; I may just buy them and see how they go for regular use, and then either sell or trade in my Snyders for either a new pair to use for dance and freestyle and use the Atlas plates for figures, or get a pair of Snyder figure plates.

Funny thing is, Cynthia, the figure coach, said that I'd probably be great at figures because I have a "nice, tall body."  I had to splorfle at that, because I've never thought of my body as tall, not when I have my sister to compare myself to.  But for a skater, I am tall, and I think that to a tiny extent, the weight will help me bear down a bit to keep a decent tracing.  I'll tell you why I'm interested in figures, though, over and above the Zen-ness of them: there's nothing like them to help you learn turns and balance and how to control your edges, and I desperately need that.

Add to that the fact that I was doing some fairly advanced figures when I left skating before, and it adds up to "Tasha could win in competition against the others in her age bracket."  I won't say that a decent bid at Nationals wouldn't be a good thing.

Anyway, i gotta jet; supposed to be an hour deep into NH in ten minutes.  Oops.

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