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what it is that i do

I went up to Stonemarche tonight to help sibilla_dangers and kiena_s and amcnh do a seminar on what it is to be a retainer.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm hoping most fervently that the folks who showed up weren't frightened away by the enormity of what can be a vital, yet incredibly rewarding job.  I was asked to do a talk in Towers about this very subject, but they asked me before I really knew what it was to retain for ruling nobility.  I have a much better clue now, and sibilla_dangers and kiena_s said that they'd be happy to take the show on the road to help me.  I'm told that jdulac wants something like this for Carolingia as well, so this may end up as The Lady In Waiting Traveling Road Show.

In the usual after-gathering yakfest in the parking lot, I got to talking with Baroness Stonemarche, and she mentioned that part of getting their retinue together is getting people involved with working court.  They already have a very able baronial herald, but I'm sure that he could use some support -- can't hurt to have other folks trained up in case he can't make an event.  So I offered to teach a class on setting up a docket, along with other tips and tricks of court and vocal heraldry.  I'm not so great at extemporizing, but I'm really good at loud.  I'll have to see what I can do about communicating that skill. though.  She suggested that Harper's Retreat, over Labor Day weekend, would be a good venue, and that will give me time to brainstorm the syllabus (and talk to baronadhemar about doing it *wave*).
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