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it was a very strange weekend...

We left late, again.  It was my fault, again.  I wish I knew why "you have a lot to do, attack the day" paralyzes me.

We did get Big Bertha on the truck, and all the bedding and all the garb (thus far) fits inside with room to spare.  When I remove the Very Heavy Blankets, there will be even more room.  There was also a lot of extra space in the bed of the truck, and there will be even more when the blue box is finished and we put the canvas and the camping gear in there.  We have decided, however, that we need a smaller tent for weekend camping, so we're thinking Viking A-frame.  The drive up was nice; no appreciable traffic.

So we got there, and got set up, and darkwolfie was cool and did all the rafters, and based on the way things ended up, I'm pretty convinced that the ger wants to be 15 feet in diameter instead of 14.  amcnh made us yummy yummy beef stew.  The tent looks great with Bertha inside, and she is in fact pretty much wide enough to use as a headboard.  Also, we got more comments and compliments on our ger in one evening than we have in the five years that we've owned it.  Of course, that's probably because we never camp on the main drag; we're usually back in the bushes a bit, so most people don't see it.  By the end of the evening, I was thinking that maybe business cards with the URL for the plans would be a good idea.

I didn't sleep well, though.  It was cool enough, but seriously, folks, it's 3am.  If you want to talk about fighting, go hang out on the battlefield and do it.  Don't hang out next to the portapotties -- people are trying to sleep.  I woke up hating everyone.  It got better after a Coke and a smoke and breakfast.

Saturday was hot.  Really hot.  TRM got in near 11, so I didn't have much of a shift (I took amcnh's 10-12 shift).  Then I tagged along shopping, bought some books (including Tak V Bowes Departed, which is a book about fingerloop braiding), and went to beard5's class on speeding up embroidery.  Some of it I knew, but it was still interesting.  Then I started to take tpau's class on tablet weaving, and less than halfway through, realized that I needed food and water stat.  Went back to camp, got food and water, slowly rehydrated, and thought about going to court.

Actually, I thought about helping with court, and then thought, "nah."  I really wanted a day off.  Turns out this was a good decision.  I wasn't even going to go to court, but my friends booniesbill and booniesjen were walking past, and I don't get to spend nearly enough time with them.  So I asked amcnh if she needed help with dinner, and she said no, so I grabbed a chair and off we went.

We sat way, way, wayyyyyyy in the back -- I don't think there was anyone behind us, and we mostly yakked through court about this and that... until they started handing out Maunches.  I was vaguely aware that that's what was going on, but I wasn't paying real good attention, until Her Majesty stood up and said "Where's my apprentice?  Tasha!"

Oh.  Oh, crap.  She wanted me.  They're giving out MaunchesOh CRAP.  I got up, and started making my way to the aisle (I told you we were at the back), and she came down off the stage to meet me, scampering like she does, so I scampered to meet her, and we sort of threw ourselves into each other's arms (I hope the populace go it, because it was the Coolest Thing Evar).  Then, she grabbed my hand and we scampered back to the stage, where I kinda dropped like a stone onto  the kneeling cushion and then got a hamstring cramp.  "Ow!  Ooo, cramp, cramp..." (adjusts leg) "Okay, I'm good!"

Then my beloved mistress starts talking to the populace about me.  I don't remember exactly what she said, except that apparently I had come up on the order polling two years ago and they'd decided to award it to me two years ago, but that they had to put it off because of my deployment.  That, and I guess I do really good handwork, and I make nifty Norse garb.  ;-D  My scroll is just lovely, and my medallion is perfect to go with my Viking garb.  I'm so excited.

I still can't quite believe it.  Two years ago, I didn't think I was ready, and I'm still not sure that I am.  I'm not arguing, though -- it's lovely and humbling and oddly inspiring to know that others think I'm worthy of this.  And best of all, my beloved mistress and her wonderful husband got to give it to me. 

amcnh's dinner was wonderful.  Chicken and twice-baked potatoes and green beans almondine... just yum.  And after everyone else left, there was cookie dough.  Cooooookie dough...

I slept good that night, though I was relaxing by listening to my iPod while I waited for darkwolfie to come back , and when I shifted a bit, the iPod, which was resting on my chest, slid down my boobs and hit me in the teeth.  It's a 60gb iPod Photo.  In a hard case.  Ow.

Today was a scorcher, too.  Wolfie and I have agreed that we need another tent for weekend events.  We love the ger, but it's getting to be too much to load and unload all the time.  We're thinking about just buying an A-frame for events where we only stay one or two nights.  Panther has a 10x14x8 A-frame, made out of the same canvas as the ger for $400.  It's a touch pricey, but I trust Panther, and it's worth it if I don't have to sew canvas. 

As it is, we ripped the roof of the ger today; it got hung up on a peg and I couldn't free it.  I have a plan for fixing it; it mostly involves barge cement.  It may involve some sewing.  I'm just a little irritated, because it's in the middle of the roof, and sewing it is going to be a gigantic PITA.

And now we're home, and it's still hot in the house, and I really need a shower.  I think I'll finish the blanket stitching on this latest set of apron dress straps first, though.
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