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they've done it so much better...

I'd like to state, for the record, that I hate the way they've organized the Pennsic Class Schedule this year.  There are no alternate sortings of the information; it's strictly chronological.  I'd like to sort by subject, at the very least. 

And there are no links to class descriptions.  This may have been done to save server space, or to save data entry, or to save bandwidth.  I don't know.  But it's terribly unfair to post classes with titles like "Runvaldr" without a description of what it is.  (Apparently it's a sort of runic Reiki -- who knew?)

See, I like to plan.  I like planning a lot.  I particularly like to plan what classes I go to at Pennsic, because then I can write them down right away in the chore book when we get there and I know that I can go.  Flipping through the site book while standing next to the chore book is not an option.  This method of presenting information makes it harder for me to plan.  I don't like that.

Sigh.  I did import it into Excel and do an AutoFilter so I can sort by subject, but really... would it have been that hard to do that on the website?  Or, say, have a spreadsheet available for download so I didn't have to do it myself?

Bleah.  Now I'm just whining.  If anyone wants the spreadsheet I've made, email me -- tashabear at livejournal.com -- and I'll shoot it out to you.

ETA: Some motherfucker from zohosheet.com just spammed my journal. Asshole.

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