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and so it begins - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
and so it begins
I sat down and made up the pre-Pennsic to-do list. Not all of this is for me; some of it is for darkwolfie. But I hope it all gets done, because there's not a lot that we can let slip this year.

Go through garb and bedding and...
--Mend what needs mending (almost done)
--Wash what needs washing
--Box up the rest to take with us

Bag up the heavy mink blankets and store

Tweak the tent (items in italics are mine; the rest are darkwolfie's:
--Stain door
--Install thumb latch on door
--Build door frame
--Build bed
--Paint top of blue box (for canvas and misc. gear) darkwolfie did this, and put the box back together
--Repair roof canvas

Get my hair done

Finish the damn sewing!
--Finish sleeves and bottom hem on blue smock
--Redo straps on grey wool apron
--Shorten red apron
--Face sleeves on darkwolfie's green tunic
--Attach straps on blue apron dress
--Finish the items on the spreadsheet
==two work tunics and a linen tunic (they're cut; they just need to be assembled)
==one pair of pants for darkwolfie and several pairs of happy pants for me
==two smocks for me (one just needs finishing and if I don't get to the other it isn't a disaster)
==one more linen apron dress for me if I have time

As far as the sewing goes, I have some things in the laundry bag I need to check over and make sure don't need mending, and they can go to the laundry. The garb tweaks at the top of that list won't take long; I should be able to get through them tomorrow.

I can't wait to get a tablet loom set up (though I may have the materials here in the house and should look into it); then I can make apron straps with only 5 or 6 cards, which (other than warping) I bet won't even take as long as stitching them. I guess I'll start with perle cotton and move on to linen one of these days. I should have bought the linen yarn when I had the chance at White Wolf and Phoenix at GNEW.

I could fingerloop the straps... that would be fun. I wish I knew where my silk thread is that I bought from the guild...wait! Strike that, I found it. Oh, temptation, thy name is inexpensive silk thread...

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