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must...resist...urge..to...ebay... - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I've found some really lovely rovings on eBay tonight. Yummy colors... look to be dreamy soft... not too expensive... And I still haven't gotten the exhaust work done on my car, so I get to spend no money on me right at the moment.

Add to that the fact that I am now officially unemployed. Kimball's closed tonight; I got in something like 14.5 hours in the last two days, plus three earlier in the week plus fat tips the last two days means Diane gets decent-ish scratch. I've discovered that looking semi-pathetically cold garners you pity tips. And flirting with elderly gentlemen gets you "I wish I was thirty years younger/you remind me of my grand-daughter" tips. I like this "people giving me moiney for being nice to them" thing. I'm thinking about going over to this diner in Salem and applying for a job. They don't do dinner, just breakfast and lunch, so I could still do karate, and I love breakfast crowds. I'd better decide quick, though, before I have to take a job doing accounting shit in Andover. Bleah.

In "brush with greatness" news, I met Clint Eastwood's wife tonight. She was nice enough, but she seemed to think that name dropping would make grapenut ice cream magically appear. My boss thought she was a lunatic, and it was hard for me to see her face, but I looked up pics of her and Clint. It was her, all right. Wish I could have accomodated her, but all we had left was strawberry, soupy butterscotch, and three or four flavors of homemade frozen yogurt. Still, it was kinda neato.

I have found way too many unspun fibers tonight that make me go "oooh." I need a spinning wheel, and I need my mom to learn to knit better so I have someone to use my yarn! I think I want to learn to spin silk. It just sounds too, too yummy.

This week has been strenuous at the dojo; I was there for all my classes, plus an extra on Thursday with Joe. That was a lot of fun; I like teaching with him. I'd ask to switch over if it wasn't my riding lesson night. Then again, all bets are off if I pass The Test.

le sigh... I'm surfing eBay as I write this, and finding more and more lovely rovings in more and more amazing colors that I'd love to spin... a seller said that 4 oz of wool would make a lovely shawl. I need to weigh what I have; Wolfie said he didn't think that what I have would make much, but I'm spinning it up so fine and it's spinning so economically, that I think I'll do all right. I would like to spin a little bulkier, but then again, there's nothing that says I have to make only two ply yarn. I'm actually thinking of S-plying my Z-spun singles, then Z-plying the plied yarn. Makes an interesting cabled-look yarn, which I think would be neato for mittens or socks. And I want to spin some up for bellatrixx, who is swiftly becoming a dear, dear friend and who is encouraging me to learn to knit. I know that she'd really appreciate it. (darkwolfie's mom crochets, I think, but I'm not sure she'd appreciate hand-spun yarn, so as much as I wish I could impress her by giving her some, I doubt that I would, so I probably won't bother. Kinda sad, but I'll get over it.) Ooh... and there's Falklands wool, and Icelandic... I say again... le sigh...

I guess I should get to bed. There's Crown Tourney in the morning, and I need to get up for it.

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