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Nine and a quarter yards of 45" wide muslin is enough to make 5 pairs of happy pants with 16" inseams. Actually, I could get by with probably 8.25 yards, but it was the end of the bolt, and the girl gave me the last .75 yards at 75% off. Anyway, my happy pants are all cut out, on to sewing.

Also, I decided that I needed to make my jammie pants out of something else, because I'd need to piece the polar bear fabric and I just didn't feel like it. So I got this, but in black. Is that not awesome? I got enough to make something else out of it, something small. Haven't decided what yet, though.

I almost bought some fat quarters of brocade fabric to make little gifty bags for Her Maj. If these pants go together quickly (and oh, shit, I don't think I have enough elastic; I'll have to get back to JoAnn), maybe, maybe I'll have time to whip those together. I wish they'd had some in bright blue -- they had red, purple, pale blue, olive, and black that I recall. I'd probably grab some in red. Who am I kidding, though. I won't have the time. I have a ton of things that have to get accomplished between now and Friday, and those shouldn't even be on the radar.

Anyway... off to assemble pantses.
Tags: garb, sewing
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