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we have a bed - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
we have a bed
We have a new bed.  This is our second new bed this year; I think we're starting a trend.  This is a camping bed, though, and darkwolfie has worked his ass off for the past three days to get it done in time for Pennsic.  It's quite lovely, and I am very impressed and very proud of my beloved.

He pointed out a very, very cool thing, though.  All the major end items in our camping kit -- we built them.  Tent, storage boxes, clothing rack.  Next year we build some chairs and I think we'll really have something to brag about.

I'm so very, very proud...

ETA: The items I ordered from Stacks and Stacks arrived the other day and I am very pleased. I think they'll help a lot with packing and organization.

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