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still so much to do - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
still so much to do
We just did the laundry from Pennsic. Don't you just love how completing one task engenders another?  The garb is clean so now it must be ironed and put away.  God knows where "away" is going to be, though.  I'm thinking a portable closet in the cellar, actually.  I don't have room in the closet up here, and I don't want to leave things folded all winter. 

Of course, after it gets ironed and before it gets stored it needs to be mended -- I have to go over everything and make sure it's in decent shape to be put away.  Yippee.  And the stuff that's either too damaged or to stained to reclaim has to be replaced... and then there's the embroidery that needs doing. And I'm supposed to get a job, too?  Eek...

I haven't even mentioned the winter projects list... there are a few things that will be quick, but a lot of it is big and complicated.  Not one for thinking small, not I.

i feel: overwhelmed

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