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The hoopless embroidery experiment is a rousing success. I got three motifs done on the Cloak Project, whereas I might only have gotten one or one and a half done with a hoop. Color me converted.

The project has gone past tedious into "gut it out and get it done", but at least while I work on it, I can catch up on reading and listening to music I didn't realize I had in iTunes. That, and plan out the tunic I want to embroider. Lots to do...

I have, however, struck on an approach for the acres of ironing that I have to do. I'm just going to do a couple of pieces at a time. There's nothing that says it all has to be done at once. "Sometime within the next month" is an attainable goal, and if I do two to four pieces at a time, I'll be fine. Besides, my happy pants don't need ironing, anyway. :-)

I've reached my saturation level, though. Time for bed.
Tags: cloak project, garb
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