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the army sometimes surprises me

I was looking for info on inkle weaving, since I just bought a spiffy loom from a guy at Pennsic (which I really need to go rescue from booniesjen, who was cool enough to carry it home for me). And I found this incredibly gorgeous loom built by a company out in the Pacific Northwest. I neither need not desire this loom, though it is lovely; what interests me about the page is the handbook that you can download, here.

In the handbook, there is a link to a digital archive at Arizona State, of "Monographs and Book Sections About Weaving, Textiles, and Related Topics." And in there, I found an excerpt from a 1980 Army field manual, FM 8-1. Apparently it's an FM on crafts for occupational therapy, and this chapter is on "Cord Knotting or Macrame". I can totally see that as helpful in OT, too -- knotting string requires dexterity and fine motor skills. I was just surprised to see it an Army manual on macrame; I would have expected one on knot-tying for riggers or tent or parachute repair. Strange little world I live in...
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