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spinning yarns - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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spinning yarns
I just made my first four-ply yarn. I made some two ply yarn, then plied that together for a nice cabled yarn. I used the singles for the Colonial that I'd spun some time ago, that was wound off onto a toilet paper tube. (I did discover that a rinsed-out soda can will serve in place of a toilet paper tube, if you need something to wind onto.)

Lessons learned:

  1. Don't leave the singles wound onto the tube for too long if you want to ply it; it becomes set.
  2. A rough-ish textured single tends to stick in the plying bracelet and make the plying slightly uneven. At times like that you really do need a third hand.
  3. My spinning's gotten a LOT better in the last couple of months. Some of this skein is "designer yarn."
  4. Cats, while wonderful to have on your lap, are not as helpful as they think they are in the plying process.

I'm planning on making this a sort of start to finish process display for A&S, and showing the roving, the singles, two-ply and four-ply yarns, and maybe a small example of knitting or something for both the two- and four-ply. I'm really tempted to make spin up some more singles with the Colonial and try sewing with it; it makes a very firm yarn.

I don't have to teach this Thursday, so I think I'll go in to Cambridge for spinning group. I'm going to ask the owner if I can pay as I go, since my attendance will be sporadic at best.

I'm looking at pictures a lady took of a class on handpainting rovings. It looks easy enough; I'm going to have to do further research and see what I can come up with. They made such amazingly lovely rovings; I want to do it!

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