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I think I'm done sulking for now. I don't think I'd be so mad if I could just get started replacing what I can of what I've lost, but I can't do that until I get my new driver's license and debit card and get my checking account squared away. I hate that I have to change my debit card number and checking account number -- I've had them memorized for years. It's just irritating. At least he didn't get my new (uninsured) cell phone, my camera with the irreplaceable (and at the time, undownloaded) photographs, or my keys. Losing the nano irks me, but I can deal. There was nothing on there that I can't afford to lose; same with the headphones (but I miss those already!). And as for the sunglasses, I probably need a new prescription, anyway.

I got off my butt and did a t-shirt design for my duchess; just sent her the link. I just need approval from her and we can start production. And as we have some new titles in the household, I've offered to do some new title graphics for the household website; just waiting for the go-ahead on that. Once I get started making those, they'll go quickly. I already have the list of names and filenames that need to be made.

For now, though, I'm going to go crawl into bed and pretend that yesterday evening never happened.
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