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new member of the electronics family

I just decided on a name for my supah-sexxy LaCie external hard drive. (Seriously... look at it... it's .65x3x5" and a little over 6 ounces. How is that not sexy?) In keeping with my Norse lore naming scheme, I named it Mimir, after the giant that guards the "Well of Highest Wisdom." Odin sacrificed an eye for a drink from Mimir's Well; I think it's somewhat apt.

Mimir joins Fensalir the laptop, Bifrost, my other laptop, now darkwolfie's, Skald the PDA, Ratatosk the printer, Seidh the jump drive, Saga the iPod (Svartalf, my black nano, was stolen from me, damned thief) and Yggdrasil the wireless network. I'm sure we'll all be very happy together.

(I'm tempted to rename the hard drive and the jump drive Hugin and Munin... maybe I'll rename Seidh when my new jump drive comes in, 'cause then I'll have a set.)
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