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one sleeve down... - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
one sleeve down...
... one to go. God, that was boring. Got the cuff knitted on, like the hem, but the graft was a nightmare. I tried to do a provisional cast-on, and it was off half a stitch, so I said fuck it and did a three-needle bind-off. The seam will be under my wrist, anyway, so it won't show too badly. If I don't like it after I finish the other sleeve, I'll rip it out and start over. Looks like I'll have about five skeins left over out of the twenty I bought, so I'll have plenty of yarn to muck about with. Good thing I like this color -- I see mittens and maybe a hat in my future. At least.

I have to visit the in-laws today, so I guess I should go take a nap. Haven't seen darkwolfie's brother and his family since '04, before I left for Kuwait, so this should be interesting.

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