tasha (tashabear) wrote,

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joann.com sucks

I haven't seen a website this slow and unresponsive in eons. I wouldn't even buy from them, except I need mass quantities of some items and they had the best prices, plus they're offering free shipping this week. First they tell me that I haven't browsed the site in sixty minutes, so I was logged out. I was never logged in! I don't have an account there! And if I had been logged in, maybe if the site was responsive, I'd be able to finish within sixty minutes.

I've registered for their flyers three times in the eight years I've been in the SCA. Never, ever have I received one. The only thing Joann has going for it is that they carry the brand of thread that I favor, and other notions that I use. Other than that, I remain steadfastly unimpressed.
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