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interesting evening - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
interesting evening
I had quite a night tonight.

I'd begun to think that the agent I spoke with at the fugitive recovery agency had forgotten about me, when lo and behold, he called this morning. He first asked me to do a ride-along Wednesday night, and then called back later to see if I wanted to go out tonight. Gee, go out tonight when I can sleep in in the morning, or go out Wednesday and run the risk of being too pooped out at work the next day. So I went out tonight (Sunday).

It was VERY interesting. Basically, they're looking for illegal immigrants who have skipped out on their court appointments and therefore defaulted on the bail bonds posted by friends and family. The fugitive recovery agents, when they capture a fugitive, gets a percentage (about 20%, from what I understand) of the bond that was posted. That's $1500 on a $7500 bond. Nice little paycheck for an evening's work. They tell me that the agents that work for this guy get $2500 paychecks (paid every two weeks) in slow pay periods. They run 1099's, so I'd have to pay my own taxes, but that's no big deal. The only one who carries a gun is the owner, because he's the only one who's got a permit. I'd get a permit, just as soon as I had the money for the safety course, and then, if I'm productive and making captures, I'd be able to buy my own weapon. I'd just feel better, carrying a weapon.

I could make some serious cake doing this job. Lord knows it's more interesting than filing paperwork at an attorney's office (basically, I'm doing something that could be done by the paralegal, if they were a touch more organized). I think I'd like to start out part-time, just to make the transition between regular work and doing this, and maybe Wolfie would go along with me, doing the part-time thing. Then when we have a little stash put aside, we can go full-time.

I'd love that. My biggest fear on a job is getting bored, and if I have someone to talk to, I don't get bored. I rarely get bored with Wolfie around. We know each other so well, and we communicate almost effortlessly; I think we'd make a terrific team.

So. I find I'm looking forward to answering the usual question in an interesting way.

"What do you do for a living?" "I'm a fugitive recovery agent." "A what?" "I'm a bounty hunter."


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skorzy From: skorzy Date: November 11th, 2002 08:56 am (UTC) (base camp)
First, you should sit back and realize the $$ figure he gave you was probably grossly overestimated. I've never heard of a job 'interview' where a pay scale based on 'commissions' was accurate. ;)

The other issue, this job could be dangerous. You're going to deal with some pretty scummy people in the course of this job. Might be in their best interest to downplay the danger, and up-play the pay scale...

I'm curious about the handgun permits. In MA, it seems that each town and city have different CCW laws. In Worcester, to get a 'low level' permit, you have to jump through hoops, but move across to the other side of the lake in Grafton, it requires a 'dinner with the police chief'... *shakes head*. I won't get on the issue of gun control.. But, if you get a permit, are you assured its 'legal' everywhere you go? What's the jurisdiction?

Either way, I can't deny that the job sounds like something of an adventure. I also think you should give it a shot, given your history. Knowing what I know about you, I think you'd do really well at it!
tashabear From: tashabear Date: November 11th, 2002 11:03 am (UTC) (base camp)
I did the ride-along though. We only went to one area where I would have considered myself in danger, and even then, the worst danger was the steep stairs and the smell of cat pee. These aren't drug dealers (usually), they're illegals, and they said that they usually don't run or fight, they cry.

As for the permits, that's not law, that's the "discretion of the police chief." If they don't want to hand out the permits, they make you jump through hoops. If they just want to know who they're arming, you go to dinner with them. I've had one before, and I can get one again. I know enough people who have them who will write me letters of recommendation, not to mention the owner of the company, who'd write a letter saying that I need it "for all lawful purposes." (You get it for several different reasons, you see; "hunting and target," "personal protection," and "for all lawful purposes.") State permits are state permits. The only jurisdictional issue is who you go to to apply.

2 trips or shoot the rapids