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sca meme - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
sca meme

1. What is your SCA name? (You don't have to write the full name, just your first name if you want.)
Nastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva, called Tasha

2. What is your home kingdom?
East Kingdom

3. Have you ever lived in another kingdom? If so, where?
I lived in Drachenwald for seven months, but I was hardly in a position to play.

4. Do you remember your first SCA event? When/what was it?

Brion and Anna's First Eastern Coronation, Oct 3, 1998. Little did I know what an important part of my life they would become.

5. Do you have any awards? (You don't have to list them if you don't want)
AoA, Maunche, King's Cypher.

6. Do you list them after your name in communications like e-mail?
Nah. No point, really.

7. Do you have a device?
Yes. Sable, a bear sejant erect atop a mount and in chief three escarbuncles argent. It's a white bear sitting on a hill at night in a snowstorm... if it was maintaining a bottle, it'd be the Coca Cola Polar Bear.

8. Do you use it? On what?
No, but I should.

9. Are you on all the kingdom/society lists available to you, or do you avoid them?
I'm on some. There are too many idiots with email these days, and I have a low tolerance for poor net etiquette.

10. Do you keep your Pennsic/Estrella/Gulf Wars/etc. site tokens?
Kinda. I have a lot of cruft in my life, and things get buried.

11. Do you keep the favors you've been given by royalty/friends/SOs, etc.? Do you wear them all?

All I have are my Maunche and KC medallions. I wear the Maunche; the KC needs a better string or chain.

12. Do you call your friends by their SCA names even when you're not at an event?
I call them whichever name I remember, usually.

13. Do you go out to dinner in garb after an event?
Nah. I find it difficult to drive or sit in a vehicle in wide skirts -- I'm always paranoid that I've shut them in the door.

14. Do you have all kinds of garb, or do you generally stick to one period?
Viking all the way! It would seem that the look I prefer is 10th century Western Scandinavia.

15. How many interests do you have within the SCA? What's your favorite?
Textiles and costuming, mostly. I'd like to learn more about weaving and spinning to weave.

16. Do you have an SCA-oriented web site (to show off projects, keep dress diaries, etc.)?
I have a section on my website. It's not up to date.

17. Do you maintain a hairstyle that is more period style than modern? How about any other part of your appearance?
My hair is all one length, pretty much down to my bra strap. Though we don't know for sure how Norse women wore their hair, mine is a little too short to do the styles that are posited. I don't want it to grow too much longer, though, because it's harder to put up that way, and the Army doesn't give me any option there.

18. Do you tell "No $###, there I was" stories? (Admit it.)
I don't have many.

19. Authenticity is Fun. Yes or no?
Yes. I keep trying...

20. Is there one modern thing at events that really bugs you?
I tend to ignore most things, but I could do with fewer cars driving through the middle of an event. After events, though, it's the bitching about modern distractions that irks me.

Bonus Question! 21. Everyone has a shameful garb/accessory mistake hidden somewhere in their past. What's yours? (We're all friends here, we promise not to laugh. Much.)

My first garb was made with acetate lining fabric. I was a walking fire hazard.

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