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pop culture
Okay, maybe not pop culture, but definitely a great choice of advertising time. It's 2:20 am, and as usual, I have the TV on in the background. And what should come on TV, but an ad for Ambien, the biggest sleep-aid to come along since business meetings.

I'm awful at business meetings -- you know, the presentation meetings that have almost nothing to do with what you do in your everyday life. I hate 'em. There's a metric shitload of things to do on your desk, online comics to be read, crossword puzzles to do, and someone drags your ass into a meeting to tell you the direction the company's going to be pursuing in the next 30 days. Next day, there's another one. And another. And another. And the stuff you actually have to do to take the company in the direction the higher-ups want to go in never really gets done.

That's what's wrong with American culture these days... Powerpoint presentations. I swear to God. Powerpoint is an instrument of the godless Communist oppressors. Oh, wait... we don't have those anymore. Damn.

What was I saying again? Oh yeah... Ad space for Ambien at 2 am. Great choice.

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