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a productive outing - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
a productive outing
So darkwolfie and I need to hit the gym. I have a PT test in April that I need to pass, not just for my career, but for myself, and [Bad username: http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/pdf_files/Progressive_Gloves.pdf] said he'd help me train. I'm going to teach him the standards so he can help me train to the events as well as working on overall fitness.

So we went over to RetroFitness, which is in the same space as the Powerhouse Gym that darkwolfie used to work out at, before he met me. It's a good basic gym, with lots of cardio equipment, a good range of machines, and a big free weight area. They don't seem to have any space for aerobics classes, but that's fine. We'll do fine with the cardio machines.

Best part of all, they only do a one-year contract, debited monthly, and the membership fee is $19 for the first member and $10 for the second. And I can get a personal trainer to help me on the way to that PT goal: 14 or more push-ups in two minutes, 38 sit-ups or more in two minutes, and run two miles in under 22:42.

We haven't signed up yet, but we're going to. We have one day passes that we're going to use tomorrow or the next day, and then we'll sign up.

After we left the gym, we took a ride in the opposite direction, to Wild Oats in Andover. It's not as big as Whole Foods in Bedford (the produce section and bulk foods were particularly disappointing), but we can get ostrich, venison, and buffalo there, which is what we were really after. We grabbed some buffalo steaks and ground ostrich to try. Seems that buffalo is about the same price as beef, at least at Wild Oats, but the ostrich is rather more expensive. It's about half the calories, though. They didn't have bulk bread flour (regular flour, yes; pastry flour, yes; bread flour, no), but they had King Arthur bread flour, which didn't interest me because I can get that at Market Basket and don't have to drive all the way to Andover for it. It's nice to have the option, though.

So all in all, a profitable outing, in a few different ways.

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