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darkwolfie and I went back and joined RetroFitness yesterday, and jumped in at the deep end for a chest and arm workout.

Ow. I forgot how annoying it is when you can't straighten your arms. I'm not in a lot of pain, but I'm sore. So's darkwolfie. Feels good, though. Familiar. I missed this.

We took today off, but I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd at least gone in to walk on the treadmill. Tomorrow I have to take Max to the vet at ten, then I'm going to have something for lunch and go to the gym and start the Couch to 5K Running Plan. I found it through a podcast on iTunes called Podcasts for Running. The guy made the podcasts for himself, complete with coaching, so I'm going to use them to help me train. I haven't listened to them all the way through, so I'm hoping that his music choices don't make me want to spork my eyes out.

I had my first culinary failure in a while tonight. I was trying to make gnocchi from left-over steak fries that I ground up in the food processor, and they just didn't come out right. I think they might have been ground up too finely, plus all I had was bread flour, so that may have made a difference. That, and "soft dough" probably means something different to me than it does to whoever wrote the recipe. All in all, a total failure as gnocchi, but really yum when fried up with some bacon. I didn't cook all of the potato mixture, so I'll probably be a good Irish girl and make potato cakes later.

I'm still hungry, though. I need protein. I should go see what's in the cupboard. Maybe I'll make a ham sandwich. Ooh, ham and egg. Yum.
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