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lunch ideas

hardboiled eggs -- I like them, darkwolfie doesn't care for them. That's okay, he doesn't have to eat them. :-) I'm mightily tempted by these egg molds (insert hot peeled hardboiled egg, close, let cool for ten minutes), but I'm trying not to get *too* kawaii about all this. (I'm justifying it by telling myself that a molded egg will fit in the container better, but really, I just want to eat a bear or bunny shaped egg.)

steamed veggies -- we both love sweet, crispy, steamed green beans with garlic butter. Carrots would also be yummy, and snow peas, and corn.

fried rice -- I make yummy fried rice, and I think it'd be particularly tasty made with stir fry oil, with it's garlic and ginger flavors.

pasta and sauce -- we can put the sauce in the soup bowl so it doesn't make the pasta soggy.

beef or chicken stirfry -- seems pretty self-explanatory. I'm trying to select for things that are easy to eat with chopsticks.

a version of the KFC Mashed Potato Bowl -- mashed potatoes, corn, chicken bits, and gravy. I don't care for the cheese.

our own "Trainwreck Casserole" -- Stovetop Stuffing with a can of chicken. I like mine with extra butter. I wonder if it can be made very wet and pan-fried into small patties for ease of eating with chopsticks?

sweet frumenty with raisins -- Bulgar wheat cooked with apple cider. Also good with a pat of butter and some honey to mellow out the acid of the apple. Great for breakfast; very high in fiber.

We're going to go to Wild Oats sometime this weekend, and the Asian supermarket in Methuen, and see what we can come up with for food that's jar-friendly. I'm also thinking mini-burgers or small meatballs, and I saw where frozen shumai could be pan-fried and smushed down a little so they'll fit into the box. The IKEA meatballs would be good too, with some lingonberries.

I'm going to pick up some little sauce bottles and condiment bottles from jbox.com. I was going to try to find them locally, but I think I'll just get them, because lord knows they'll eventually get lost anyway.
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