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longings - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing

So I guess that my little dairy difficulty is linked somehow to my monthlies; I ate a good-sized portion of ice cream the other night, and aside from some minor guilt issues, suffered no ill effects. Good to know; my household keeps trying to keep me from eating garlic because that's caused issues in the past, too... but not always. I just wanna eat garlic bread; is that so wrong?

The job goes on; still more frustration than anything else. I wish I thought I could make a living as a fiber artist. It would be so much more fulfilling to me. I guess I still suffer from the notion that my job ought to make me happy, that I ought to go home every night with a sense of accomplishment & well-being. Silly, silly me.

I guess I just want to create beauty in the world. I see luscious-colored rovings & I just want to dive in & roll around... I want to create yarn & rovings that make others feel that way. *sigh* Maybe someday.

I saw this a-fucking-mazing copper colored roving on eBay last night... 2 pounds worth. I want. It would make the prettiest yarn. I wonder if it wants to be spun fine or not. (I'm sitting here at work, on hold, and I really want my spindle. Really really. I'm bored.)

I keep telling myself that my college education wasn't a waste, but some days... Two hours left in the day, and if I get through it without killing the kid sitting behind me, I will have fulfilled my daily requirement for virtue & will be that much closer to heaven.
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