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max update - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
max update
Took Max in for a checkup on Wednesday. The doctor was ecstatic with his progress. He's done really, really well on the Lincosin: his belly is almost healed, the masses that felt hard, like scar tissue, are softening, the fur is growing back, and he's gained TWO POUNDS since January. She was thrilled to hear how he's been tearing through the house, chasing Mathilde, and playing with my boot laces. He's back on the meds for another three months, because with his suppressed immune system, it's hard to eradicate infections.

She was funny, though. I went in there straight from work, so I was still wearing my uniform, and she got a little freaked -- she was worried that I wouldn't be home to look after him. I relieved her worry, though. He'll be well cared for, no matter what. He's worth it. :-D

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