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i'll try again tomorrow

It was a bad shopping day.

First I went to the mall to try to get my glasses fixed -- they're loose and need the nosepads adjusted, because they've been crunched twice since January. After standing there patiently for ten minutes or so, I was informed that it would be a two to three hour wait, and oh, by the way, I'd have to drop them off. If I had something else to wear, I wouldn't need these fixed right away, now, would I? What are they smoking? Anyway, that was a non-starter today, so I went to the kitchen store and bought some spatulas. I'd like to say that you can't have too many spatulas, but we all know that's not true. However, given that I don't currently have any, having dyed my one decent spatula blue mixing indigo for my hair, buying three new ones is acceptable.

Then I went looking for some Scat Mats. Mathilde has been jumping up on the counters and doing unspeakable things to the dishes in the drainer, so we need to find a more effective deterrent than Patrick Star. They have all the sizes on the PetSmart website, but not in the store. So I went to PetCo (which is seriously skeezy), and they don't carry them at all. So I decided a tactical retreat was in order, because if I tried to get the oil changed in the truck today it probably would have exploded.

I stopped off at the grocery store to grab some stuff for dinner, and got up to the register when I realized that I'd left my wallet in the car. So I left my basket at the register, went out and grabbed the wallet, came back and checked out, and decided that maybe I should just try again tomorrow.

But wait, it gets better. Remember those unspeakable things Mathilde was doing to the dishes in the drainer? She did it to the iPod speakers I had on the kitchen cart. They're still useable, but they did burn and melt a bit... and they're kinda smelly.

So the last thing I did shopping-wise tonight? I ordered the ScatMats and a new set of speakers. I should have just stayed home with Amazon -- I would have gotten the same amount accomplished and not burnt any gas.
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