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little cat's feet - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
little cat's feet
Wicked foggy today. It's 11:45 and still foggy. Kinda dangerous to drive today. Looks like a Stephen King novel out there.

Today is a much better day than yesterday. Only 3 people in this room today, and the guy who's always listening to talk radio is actually being somewhat considerate. I just wish he didn't get all his political views from the radio. If only he'd listen to NPR or something; at least I'd get something out of that.

On a positive note... Casual dress and lunches on the boss for the rest of the month. This is a Good Thing.

Spinning night tonight. I can't wait; I'm hoping it'll be relaxing. I'm getting a little tired of the colors I've been spinning. Actually, what I really need are more spindles. That way, I could spin one color on one spindle & when I got tired of it, I could switch. There are some fiber bloggers who have what seems like a bajillion spindles, or multiple spinning wheels... I have major spindle envy!

I wrote to Elizabeth at Greensleeves Spindles, asking her about low whorl spindles. There's just something about her spindles that draws me. Anyway, she said that she'd be happy to make one for me, and that she'd email me again when she got back from SOAR. Sure enough, she did, and told me that there were other ladies at SOAR who said she was neglecting the low-whorl market. Yay! I'm not the only low-whorler out there! I was beginning to wonder. I ought to go look at the website & see if she's made a new product line, or at least made low whorl versions of current products.

I really like some of the spindles carried by Silver Goose Needlecraft. It's an eBay store, and their stuff is just so pretty. My perfect Christmas package would have a Silver Goose cherry spindle, a Golding Ring spindle, some silk roving from thesilkworker, and a pound of Icelandic roving from Copper Moose. I'd be happy for days. Weeks, even. As we all know, keeping the bear happy is all about keeping the bear busy with neato creative stuff. :-)

I started making those marble magnets last night. Actually, I started the night before, with a copy of Jane magazine and one of the marbles. I found little pictures and neat textures (interesting how pictures change when you take elements out of context) and traced around the marble. Then I ripped the pages out and cut out the little circles (slightly tedious, but not too bad), then glued them to the flat sides of the marbles with silicon glue, which I spread onto the marble with a toothpick. I let them dry overnight, and then tonight, I trimmed away the excess and put magnets on the back. I used the kind that come in a long strip, and cut off bits to size. The strip has an adhesive side, so that meant that I didn't have to glue again, which is nice. Nicest of all... I think that the whole strip was like $0.59.

I didn't lose my marbles!  Look, they're right here!!
The detail didn't come out really well in this picture, but they're wicked neat. I'm pleased... this is a fun one.

I went to spinning night tonight at Mind's Eye Yarns. What a lovely time. I decided as I left that not only must I go more often, but I need to learn to spin silk. It was suggested that if I'm going to handsew Wolfie's tunic, I should use silk. I want to spin the thread, therefore, I must learn how. Hopefully, I can find some already dyed, since I'm lazy and broke and don't want to do it myself. I used to be intimidated by the prospect, but no longer. I need to get cracking. I'd like to enter it as a work in progress at this event. (I did find out that I bought 4 ounces of each roving, the green and the burgundy, from Lucy when I was there last... wonder how much yarn I'll have when all's spun up?) I want some sort of golden colorway for the silk I spin; I think it will look elegant against the blue. I might accent it with red; not sure yet. I want to go back to Mind's Eye this weekend and poke around a bit more; there was a likely looking bit of blue wool that I'd like a closer look at.

I'm feeling fairly positive at the moment. Having a goal for this tunic helps a lot. Now I just need to find the silk...

i feel: hopeful hopeful

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