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da da da - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
da da da
So... Spinning night was fab. I had a terrific time, and was easily accepted. I worry about such things; I often wonder if people like me for me or what... but these folks seem to. My spinning is more confident, too, ever since Mistress Brid's lovely compliments. I'm really enjoying it, and I'm totally getting into the spindling thing, after yearning for a wheel. Spindles are more portable, and I can buy many spindles for the price of a wheel. I'd like a wheel one day, to increase production as much as anything else, but I won't be crushed if there isn't one under the Christmas tree. (I'm enjoying the process of spinning much more than I am anticipating using the end product... though I really want that silk so I can sew Wolfie's tunic.) I hope there's a new spindle, though!

The Pampered Chef party I was invited to was nice. I got to see Duchesses Anna and Katherine, and palegreyminion, and it was awesome to sit and talk with them after the presentation. (I miss them; I really feel the lack of girlfriends to do stuff with up here. I feel so guilty, dragging Wolfie to yarn stores!) I'd love to buy some Pampered Chef stuff, but after replacing the exhaust system on my car, I have No Money. Bills come first. Every night, I spend some time window shopping on eBay, but no more than that. But someday.... someday I will have a little money... MUAHAHAHA!!!

Saturday I vegged a bit, took my car to get the exhaust system fixed (took all my money, but it's quiet now), and then we went to sushimare and skorzy's place for the MFF pity party... ordered pizza, watch "The Emperor's New Groove" and "The Iron Giant" and then bored them to tears with anime night on Cartoon Network. Twas fun, tho'. I brought sushimare some of my magnets, and will have to make a date to go over and help her make some.

Today was all vegetating. I wore my bathrobe allll day. Yum. I haven't done that since I had my surgery. I'm working in naalbinding fingerless gloves for myself from Lion Brand Jiffy yarn -- it's an acrylic mohair look-alike. It's this neato variegated colorway called "Denver". On the website it's described as "Intense blues and teal complemented by violet." It's coming out pretty neat. I have most of the hand and the pinky finger done. Had to cut off the pinky and redo it... I love that about naalbinding. I could never have done that with knitting. Of course, I get to where I want to end the pinky and run out of yarn with three stitches to go, so I had to undo the yarn I cut off and use that... Ever tried undoing mohair? What a pain. Oh well, all's well that ends well. And of course, now that I look at it, I think it needs to go higher. Which is easy to do with naalbinding. Not so much with knitting.

Another thing that I love about naalbinding is that since it's done with a needle, you can just create the fabric as you go, and fill in holes with stitches as you need them. Very cool concept, once you grasp it, and something I find lacking in knitting.

And finally, I just tried to spin thicker on my drop spindle. Maybe I shouldn't let it twist so much; I'd get a softer yarn. Experiment, experiment, experiment... I need more wool...
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