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busy weekend - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
busy weekend
I had a 4-day pass this weekend that I spent mostly doing a lot of driving. I got my hair done Friday, because I had neither time nor materials to do henna again. In a stroke of luck for me, the woman who did it before I left for Kuwait is still here (apparently the Air Force isn't moving people around any more, in some sort of a cost-cutting effort), and she did her usual stellar job.

I had a little more shopping to do after that. I packed in 2 Army duffle bags and a footlocker to come down here, and had nothing to put clothes into for a weekend trip, so I needed a small bag. I also picked up some makeup (I never wear any, but this is how much I wanted to look cute), some hosiery, and a copy of
Army Times
. I ended up not hitting the road until 6pm, in hopes that the traffic through NYC wouldn't be too bad. I should have known... traffic through NYC is
bad. I didn't get to the hotel till 10pm.

The wedding was lovely. I didn't hear much of it, as both bride and groom had excitement-induced whisper syndrome, but that's okay. I
understand. :-) They both looked utterly radiant. I also got to see my dearest peacockduchess, her darling husband, sibilla_dangers, mareinflames, and a gentleman who was fun to meet but I don't know if he has an LJ. It was a wonderful day, and my beloved husband got me hooked on Midori sours. I'm picking up Midori and sour mix tomorrow. Yum.

Today was mostly breakfast with the newlyweds, packing to go home, and a movie with my beloved. We saw Shrek the Third, which was a little weaker in terms of plot, but a lot of fun to watch, because the skeletal rendering is better than ever. I felt really dirty, though, when I discovered that Fergie had covered Heart's "Barracuda" and I
I mean, the woman pissed herself on stage, for sobbing out loud...

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and then went our separate ways, because darkwolfie has to work in the morning and I have a lot of errands to run and laundry to do to get ready for the rest of the week. It was hard to say goodbye, though, and I had a very short moment here where I cried, at least in part because the movie I was watching was playing "The Tracks of My Tears". I miss him a lot -- it's hard sitting here by myself, even though I'm doing exactly what I'd be doing if I was home. I'd rather by mucking about on LJ while sitting next to my honey.

Oh well. I guess we'll be home soon enough...

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darkwolfie From: darkwolfie Date: June 12th, 2007 03:42 am (UTC) (base camp)
Soon, baby!

Here I'll do the Motown "Track of My Tears" dance...lotsa slow arm swingin's and back steps!
tashabear From: tashabear Date: June 12th, 2007 03:50 am (UTC) (base camp)

Next time I see you, I think we need to find a karaoke bar so you can sing for me.
2 trips or shoot the rapids