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almost ready - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
almost ready
There is something (much, really) to be said for packing light. I'm almost packed, and it really hasn't been much of a strain. I got all my clothes (except for the dirty ones) into one duffel bag, the footlocker is properly packed, only a few more things left to put in, and there are just a few things left to mop up and I'm out of here.

Can't say I'll miss it; the last two times they cleaned my room they a) were at least a day late doing it, if not two, and b) failed to rinse the kitchen and bathroom floor properly, because my boots stuck to it. I just turned on the light near the closet area, and it's FULL of flies, and the closet area itself is made up of coated wire shelving. I expect more from a hotel. Don't even get me started on the soap scum I found in the shower on my first day. I'm not the best housekeeper in the world, but this is also not my house, and when I'm paying for someone to come in and clean, I expect something better (even if the Army is paying me back).

Won't miss this bed, either; it's a freakin' rock. I miss my bed something fierce.

Oh well, I don't get much sleep tonight, either; still have a few things to do in the morning.

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