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birds of a feather - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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birds of a feather
I went outside this afternoon to toss some garbage in the dumpster, and there were these birds, hundreds of them, perched at the top of this bare tree, chattering away. I watched them for a while, then started to walk away, to go inside, when they fell silent. Then they all flew away, banking towards Burlington Common. It looked like they were discussing where to go for lunch. :-)

Today is drrraaaggginggg... I so want to go home. I'm bored. My fingerless glove is turning out nicely; I have an idea about how to do a heel, too, so socks are on the list. I wonder if Regia sock yarn would autopattern if I naalbinded it? Only one way to find out... And what is the proper conjugation of naalbind, anyway?

Called the agent from the fugitive recovery agency. They haven't had a chance to talk about me yet;they've been too busy. OTOH, they haven't hired anyone, either. I could still be in. Good thing I wasn't counting on getting taken on there right away! Still want to try it... I think it'd be such a rush...

I've been pondering how to build a heddle loom. At first I was thinking rigid heddle, but now I'm thinking I might try something with strings. I know you can buy string heddles for large looms; I'm pondering methods of making my own. I'm thinking that I'd make the frame with sticks or dowels, then make the heddles out of crochet thread. To create the reed, I'd just twist more crochet thread around the heddles horizontally. (I think it's called the reed...) I want to actually have three or four heddles so I can do a twill pattern. I want to make leg wraps for Wolfie in a diamond twill pattern, and as I am informed that they were not tablet-woven, I need to loom weave them. It's an interesting challenge... Shouldn't be too difficult, though.

Or I could have my daddy make me one of these. This is an even easier method of making heddles... I have a nasty tendency to over-engineer. I can even picture a horizontal, laptop version. Sort of a combination of that and one of these.

Oh, and here is a pictureof my fingerless glove as it stood last night. I've just about finished the other three fingers; all I have left to do is one or two more rounds on my middle finger and then the thumb. And then I have to do another one. :-)

I didn't mention -- I saw someone thigh rolling her spindle at spinning group last week. Twas neato... she got some wicked spin off it! Almost makes me want to try top whorling!

*sigh* Someday I'll be brave enough to try spinning flax...

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