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So the past four days I've been on pass, but I stayed down here, because darkwolfie was coming down to see me and exchange trucks with me so he could take the Ranger back to Mass to load it for Pennsic. I feel bad that he has to do all the packing, but I don't have too much choice. Luckily I know where almost everything is what needs to be done, and was able to give him a detailed list.

I got calls almost every day that had to do with work, though. Not that that's a bad thing (though the call this morning from my boss made me chuckle, because he was asking me for attendance numbers that I couldn't really give him because I'm
not there
), but I'll have to remind folks that when I go to Pennsic I am OUT OF THE LOOP ENTIRELY. I'm not even taking my Army phone with me, because I don't have a car charger for it and there's nowhere to plug it in. I'll have no access to email and no way to do my spreadsheets (because if you think I'm spending that kind of time in Mystic Mail when there's fun to be had you're on
). I can't wait.

I took darkwolfie to Fogo de Chão on Saturday, and we had a fabulous meal. They manage to strike that all-important balance between fun and elegant, and the service is fabulous, never mind how outstanding the food is -- and it is outstanding. I think I'm Fogo'd out for a while, though, because it is pricey.

We went to Lush on that trip, too, and I stocked up on soap and darkwolfie got more body wash and shampoo. When we got on the corner of the street we wanted, I couldn't remember the address, but I could smell it from there... and it was seriously just across the street. Too funny.

darkwolfie went home Sunday afternoon, which was sad except that the kitties needed him. And there's that whole "had to go to work Monday" thing. Monday, I went to Fort Dix to get my hair done and get decals for darkwolfie's truck, and I don't actually remember what else I did, other than a few dishes.

Today I went to the gym and did a leg workout with a trainer, went out to the post office to pick up a couple of packages from Amazon ( FTW!), and then I found Fabric Row in Philly. The prices weren't as good as at Jomar, but I wasn't quite as skeeved out by the neighborhood as I was when I went to Jomar. I found some GORGEOUS fabrics, and was very happy.

OTOH, I did get rear-ended at an intersection when I was leaving, which was scary, but I wasn't hurt and neither was the truck nor was the other guy, so we decided to just leave it and go our separate ways. (It was really stupid, though, because I was stopped for several seconds waiting for this guy to turn left in front of me, so I think that the guy who hit me wasn't paying attention.)

And then I bought a sewing machine. I was going to do the sewing work I want to do at the craft center on post, but I don't have free time to spend on post when the center is open. It was under $100, anyway, and will do what I want it to. The rest of my evening has been spent folding clothes and washing and drying fabric. I ought to be able to cut at least one tomorrow -- good thing my dining table has a leaf, huh? I'm so looking forward to sewing again... I've missed it.

Back to work tomorrow. Can't say I'm looking forward to it, as I'll be in meetings all day, but I'll get over it. I should go to bed...
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